1. Scope of Warranty:  Specific material and profile. All fixed to existing substructure installed by others.

  2. Installation: The installation has been carried out to Manufacturers Specifications.

  3. Warranty Period: This Warranty covers the labour component of the above installation for a period of 5 years from the above date. (Material Warranty to be carried by Nominated Materials Supplier.)

  4. Exclusions:
    a) Any works carried out to the ‘Works’ by other trades will void this warranty, 
    b) Any Incidental, Consequential, Special or Indirect  damages caused from the use, misuse or from defects in the Product.
    c) Structural movement or failure of primary structural support,
    d) Material liability,
    e) Failure of the Owner to report the claim within the prescribed period.

  5. Sole and Exclusive Remedy:  the sole and exclusive remedy to any claim made pursuant to this Warranty is limited to the supply of labour, materials and plant to remedy the repairs only. Any claims relating to Materials are excluded from this Warranty and are to be claimed against the Materials Manufacturer.

  6. Conditions:
    a) the Owner must provide written notice to Architectural Cladding Australia Pty Ltd within 30 days after discovery of a defect.            b) The claim must be submitted by the Owner.
    c) Upon discovery of a defect, it is the Owners responsibility – and at the Owners expense- to protect property that could be further affected by the defect.
    d) Unrestricted access to site must be provided to allow for remedy works.

  7. Owner’s responsibility: the owner must carry out necessary periodic maintenance and washing to Suppliers Recommendations.

  8. Settlement of a Claim: any defect repair carried out to the works and approved by Senior Architectural Cladding Australia Pty Ltd Management shall constitute a settlement and release against any specific claim.

  9. Dispute: should a dispute arise between the owner and the installer named in the Warranty above, the matter will be settled exclusively by the Primary Material Supplier. Any costs to be borne equally between the parties.

  10. Attachments: supporting documentation.