Archclad Express, 25 mm wall cladding and soffit lining.


Archclad  Express 25 mm is a clean, modern concealed- fix cladding systems with an attractive recess or express joint between panels. The express joint can be adjusted to suit the application and design of the project. From as little as 5 mm to as wide as 30 mm the joints can alter the entire appearance of a large flat expanse of metal (15 mm is recommended).

Standard panel widths are 192 mm 242 mm or 292 mm. However the panels can also be manufactured in various widths giving a modern random effect. Three panels in varying width are quite fashionable at present. We do not recommend panels wider than 350mm as this will result in thermal distortion and “Oil Canning”.

With all the above options, together with staggered joints or splayed applications the Archclad Interlocking Express Panel 25 mm is the obvious choice for cladding where a long, thin, flat appearance is required.


- Material Thickness: 0.8 mm Aluminium, 1.0mm VM Zinc, 0.55mm Colorbond, 0.9mm Copper
- Standard Panel Width (Centre to Centre - C.T.C.): 307 mm (292 mm panel + 15 mm joint).
- Width of Joint: from 5 mm to 18 mm.
- Maximum Panel Length: from 0.5 m to 6 m.
- Panel Height: 25 mm.
- Cladding Zone: 28 mm.


Top Hat substructure (usually 1.15 mm thick galvanized steel subject to substructure engineering) fixed at a maximum of 600 mm centres—subject to required wind loading.

Maximum Length: 6 m due to the length of the pre-slotted fixing points and the thermal properties of the material.


The product has been tested in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4040.2-1992 ("Method of testing sheet roof and wall cladding for non-cyclonic regions") and has been found capable of withstanding wind pressure of 7 Kpa and therefore satisfies AS/NZS 1562.1:1992 Design & Installation of sheet proof and wall cladding - metal. Internal bracing and substructure spacing at the design stage will be required to achieve higher wind loads. For further information kindly contact us.


Installation to be carried out by a duly authorized and trained installer. All fixings to be concealed and tolerance for material thermal movement must be allowed for during installation. Due to the design –Archclad Interlocking Express- Panel 25 mm – is in essence a rain screen and requires diligent installation. We recommend installing a "breathable vapour" membrane behind the top-hat substructure to act as a second line of defence to stop any water ingress as well as allowing the building to "breathe". Flashings associated with the installation are available from Architectural Cladding and must be fixed in the traditional concealed method with allowance for thermal expansion.

Testing to Australian Standards

Archclad Interlocking Express Panel in aluminium has also under gone structural performance tests in accordance with AS/NZS 4284:1995 "Testing of Building Facades" (test results on request).

All aluminium supplied by Archclad™ is premium European grade solid aluminium and has been tested to AS/NZS 1530.3:1999 "Method for Fire Tests on Building Materials, Components and Structures Part 3: Simultaneous Determination of Ignitability, Flame Propagation, Heat Release and Smoke Release."

All Archclad materials are non- combustible and have been tested to AS 1530.3-1999 Method for Fire tests on Building Materials, Components and Structures Part 3: simultaneous Determination of Ignitability, Flame Propagation, Heat release and Smoke Release.