Archclad Cliptray 25 mm can be roll formed in Zinc, Copper, and Aluminium. Similar to traditional mechanic standing seam roofs, Archclad Cliptray 25 mm provides a distinctive 25 mm thin structural rib. The aesthetically pleasing design will cover a full range of buildings from residential properties (new or re roof) to commercial constructions.

The very sophisticated economical Archclad Cliptray 25 mm opens a new dimension in metal roofing and façades. This system provides a quick and straight forward installation over 19 mm plywood for roofing or 15 mm plywood for façades. Cliptray 25 mm is installed with screws at 300 mm centres—no clips, no seaming—and less labour means cheaper on the pocket.

The slot provided on the male rib is designed to allow thermal movement of the material., however it is important that fixings are not overtightened and the the design of the fixing allows for this movement. The recommended fixing is a ‘Button-Head’ screw available as sharp point for timber and self-drill for steel. (minimum finish: Class 4)

When screw fixing to 15mm plywood it is imperative to ensure the entire screw shaft is grips the timber. Therefor a 25mm fixing is recommended with 15mm ply to prevent fixing working loose with time.

Pan Width available: 290mm, 390*, 490* mm Pan

* Whilst the profile design and intended installation procedure are aimed at minimizing thermal distortion or ‘Oil-Canning”, it is unavoidable when using thin sheet metals. Therefore, it is important not to select a panel width exceeding the recommended standard width of 290mm

Façades and Wall Cladding

Archclad™ Cliptray 25 mm is suitable for façade applications with similar technical procedures as for roof coverings. It is advisable to limit the lengths to a maximum of 6 m due to allow for thermal movement.


Minimum Pitch 3 deg.

Testing to Australian Standards

Standing Seam and Archclad Cliptray 25mm profiles have been tested to Australian standards as 4040.3-1992 "Methods of testing sheet roof and wall cladding method 3: Resistance to wind pressures for cyclone regions".

Architectural Cladding Australia Standing Seam and Cliptray profiles have been tested to Australia Standards AS/NZS 1170.2:2002 Structural Design Actions - Part 2: Wind Actions. Clause 5.3.2. This report details the results of the debris impact testing carried out on a sample of Architectural Cladding Australia's profile only.

All Archclad materials are non- combustible and have been tested to AS 1530.3-1999 Method for Fire tests on Building Materials, Components and Structures Part 3: simultaneous Determination of Ignitability, Flame Propagation, Heat release and Smoke Release.