Achitectural Cladding Australia is one of the few roofing manufactures of Heritage Z600 (double spelter) corrugated roofing & cladding in Australia.

Our roll forming machine produces 3/4" corrugated roofing sheets in Heritage'Z600' galvanized for Heritage renovations or new buildings.

We also produce the ¾” Corrugated profile in Copper, Titanium Zinc, Aluminium, Zincalume and Colorbond.

The 3/4″(762 mm effective cover) corrugated profile offers a depth of 18 mm for a more pronounced corrugated look. This deeper depth offers a stronger overall panel and achieves larger spans. The typical material thickness offered is from 0.42 mm – 1.2 mm gauge. The deep profile allows more run off of water, and gives an overall S-Style that has the look many people are after.

This panel is also available in a large number of our perforations designs that can be used as sun shields etc.