Flinders Residence - the Cliptray roof steals the show!

Work is underway at the new residence at Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula designed by Catt Architects. Architectural Cladding Australia is currently supplying ARCHCLAD™ Aluminium Satin Black which will clad the roof and a large part of the facade. 

Flinders Residence Aluminium cliptray

The panel system used on the roof is Cliptray which is very similar in appearance to the traditional European Standing Seam. Like the Standing Seam System, Cliptray has the same waterproof characteristics which makes it particularly useful for roof applications. However, Cliptray does not require clips and seaming as the panels lock into each other thanks to the special Cliptray jointing system.  This saves money compared to the Standing Seam System as well as a significant amount of time during installation. See below the close up photographs of this revolutionary roofing system. 

Aluminium Cliptray Roof 01
Cliptray Aluminium Roofing Mornington

For large roof areas that collect notable quantities of rainwater, the gutters must be carefully designed to ensure adequate capacity while the flashings and joints must be completely water sealed. Special expansion joints are also required at regular intervals in the gutter to avoid the damage that the expansion of such a long length of metal can bring about. Note that the gutter, despite its size, is almost invisible from the ground and does not interrupt the continuity of the Cliptray joints. 

Cliptray Aluminium Roofing Mornington 02
Cliptray aluminium roofing Mornington

The walls feature the Interlocking Express Panel System in the same material (ARCHCLAD™Aluminium Satin Black). Thanks to the skills and experience of our technical team and of our qualified installers, elegant flashing solutions were custom designed at the meeting points between the two systems to ensure effective waterproofing and aesthetic qualities. 

Aluminium Interlocking Panels
Aluminium Cliptray Roof Flashings
Aluminium Cliptray Roof Flashings
Cliptray Roof flashing Details
Aluminium Cliptray roof - flashings