Work nearing comlpetion in Brighton VIC

Work is well under way at this Brighton VIC residence that is almost entirely clad with the ARCHCLAD™ wall and roof cladding products.

The roof and walls feature the Standing Seam Panel System in ElZinc Slate Grey while the soffits are clad with the matching PVDF Aluminium Stone Grey in Flat-lock Panels.

Using the PVDF Aluminium for soffits in coastal areas will avoid the creation of salt deposits on the cladding and the appearance of unsightly efluorescence that can otherwise form on zinc soffits. 

Zinc Cladding Standing Seam
El Zinc in Standing Seam Panels
Zinc roof in Standing Seam Panels
Zinc Standing Seam wall cladding
Zinc Standing Seam Wall and Roof Cladding