Work in Progress at Ringwood North Primary

Work in Progress at Ringwood North Primary

Work in Progress at Ringwood North Primary School

Ringwood North Primary School has recently added a new building to its grounds. Architectural Cladding Australia is the supplier of about 800 square meters of Powdercoated Aluminium Cassette Panels that will clad the building on all sides. The facade features a random array of colored panels that will create a cheerful and original effect on the entire school. 

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Exciting work at Rivière Apartments, Abbotsford

Riviere 1.jpg

The Rivière Development is a bold new addition to the residential landscape that is revitalizing Melbourne’s Yarra riverbank. Inspired by the manufacturing plants, warehouses and workers' cottages of Abbotsford’s industrial heritage, this beautifully realized development is a synthesis of old and new. The builder, architect and developer (L.U. Simon Builders Pty Ltd and Reg Robins Constructions Pty Ltd, Bruce Henderson Architects (BHA) and Marne Properties respectively) have decades of experience working together and have joined forces yet again to deliver this impressive residential project guaranteeing strong returns and excellent standards of quality.

Riviere 3.jpg

In 2013 Architectural Cladding Australia Pty Ltd has worked as the trusted supplier of Corten® A and PVDF Aluminium custom Interlocking Express and Flat-lock Panels used to clad large façade areas of the different buildings comprising the development. A considerable amount of effort has also been put into designing a special system of cladding using custom Flat-lock Panels for the pillars and beams of the Boiler House and Diamond buildings. The success of this effort was possible thanks to the close collaboration of with L.U. Simon Builders Pty Ltd and Reg Robins Constructions Pty Ltd both in the conception and implementation phases. The photographs below illustrate some of the most challenging moments of the installation and the results!

Boiler House 01.jpg
Boiler House 02.jpg

Boiler House Building: Custom Flat-lock Panels were used to clad the columns and beams bordering the balconies of the building. Many of the frames were prefabricated, clad off site and assembled on site as shown. 

Hallam 01.jpg
Hallam 02.jpg

The joints and panel overlaps were carefully planned to ensure maximum waterproofing, resistance to wind pressure and minimum visual impact. The material used is Original Range PVDF Aluminium Satin Black. 

Diamond 01.jpg
Diamond 02.jpg

Diamond Building: Custom Flat-lock panels were especially designed to clad the diagonal and side columns of the building.

Cascade Building 01.jpg

Cascade Building: the facade modules were clad off site to prefabricated frames and craned into position on site. The material used is Original Range PVDF Aluminium Silver Grey, Interlocking Express Panel System.